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SSP Flags Inc. - Terms & Services

Purchasing an Item:
If there if ever a problem within our website or online stores, contact us at our toll free number listed in the corner above.  We want to make ordering with us as easy and pleasant as possible. We appreciate your business. (Please leave a message if our lines are full, so we can contact you.)
PURCHASING CUSTOM ITEMS:  Before an item is put into production, the design must be agreed upon by both parties, the customer and SSP Flags Inc.  We can work together to get the desired design layout or it can be supplied by the customer.  An order confirmation approval is required before production of an item begins, to insure order information and design is met with complete accuracy.  When approval of a design and order information is met, then the item will be put into production. 
After an item is put into production, changes are unable to be made.  The customer has already approved the design and will receive the already approved design at that time.
**VERY IMPORTANT:  Design layouts are created free for our customers' orders ONLY.  Do not request a design layout(s) to be created unless a purchase is to be made.  If a design layout(s) have been created for a requester, the requester will be charged $75.00 PER DESIGN LAYOUT if a purchase is not made.  (Even if the color or a minor change is the only change in a design layout.  This change will be considered an additional design layout.)
Also, if a design needs to be sent to a another company by SSP Flags Inc for a customer a charge of $75.00 will be charged to the customer.
The total time it takes to complete the process of the design layout and production runs on the average of 10 to 14 days business days, but some items do have a longer process.  This date will be in your order confirmation email for your approval.  If a specific date of an order is needed, please let us know and we will inform you if the specified date can be met.

PURCHASING IN STOCK ITEMS:  In Stock Items can be purchased through the SSP Flags Inc In Stock Products Store.  ALWAYS  CHECK THE NEWS AREA WITHIN THE STORE FOR DISCOUNT CODES FOR THE SSP FLAGS INC IN STOCK PRODUCT ON-LINE STORE IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE OUR MONTHLY SPECIAL EMAIL. Through this store we only have UPS shipping available.  The shipping cost you receive from UPS is the actual shipping cost they supply online in real time.  We do NOT charge handling fees.  Now some items and orders are required to go UPS for tracking, insurance reasons, etc., but if you are selecting a low quantity order or an item that does not require UPS and that will weight exactly a pound or less, please contact us at our toll free number to see if USPS Priority would be a cheaper shipping option for you.  We do not guarantee USPS shipping, but they are fairly quick and always sent with delivery confirmation.  We also have readily available flag sets at our SSP Flags Inc eBay Store.  You can also order there if you prefer USPS Priority for shipping and to order under the eBay Protection Policy.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  All payments must be made with United States Currency.   We accept Credit Cards, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks, and Purchase Orders.  Personal checks are subject to a 10 day waiting period before shipment of an order.  Also, if using a purchase order it must be faxed or mailed to SSP Flags Inc before production of an item begins and the contact person is responsible for overseeing the payment is made if payment is to be completed by a group, organization or club.

Return Policy:
CUSTOM ITEM RETURNS: If a customer has a complaint it must be reported to SSP Flags Inc by telephone within 30 days of receiving the order.  Also, a rejected order must be returned to SSP Flags Inc within 10 days after a complaint has been made and must not be used.  If this policy is not followed the following terms in the return policy section will be voided.  The customer will be obligated to full balance of order.  If an error is made by SSP Flags Inc a total refund will be made of the product or a remake of the order will be made and shipped out.  SSP Flags Inc must receive the rejected products back in full quantity before the remake order is shipped out or refund payment is sent.  The remade order and shipping will be done at the cost of SSP Flags Inc.  Again, the error must be made by SSP Flags Inc.  If the customer made an error in the design or color, a reorder and all shipping will be done at the cost of the customer. 

IN STOCK ITEM RETURNS:  If there is a customer complaint on an item, it must be reported within 30 days by telephone within 30 days of receiving the order.  If there was an error made by SSP Flags Inc please contact us by our toll free number, so we can handle the complaint accordingly.  If an error is made by the customer ordering they may return the unused or unmodified item to SSP Flags Inc within 30 days of the original order received.  SSP Flags must be contacted by telephone before order is returned for approval.  If SSP Flags Inc approval is not received a restocking fee may be applied.  An order must be returned within 10 days after receiving SSP Flags Inc return approval.  All returns must be sent back with some sort of tracking.  This is for the customers protection, if package is not received SSP Flags Inc.  Customer will receive product refund only if that is what is advised.  Some instances the customer will receive a full refund.  Again, this information will all be received by the customer when return approval is received by SSP Flags Inc.
Shipping Costs:
SHIPPING:  The majority of shipping done by SSP Flags Inc is FedEx.  This is the only shipping type available in the SSP Flags Inc In Stock Product Store.  When your order is placed through our In Stock Products Store, and you supply an email address, you will receive full tracking notifications by email through FedEx for your order including Shipping Date, Exceptions if applies, & Delivery.  (ALL CUSTOM ITEMS will be shipped through FedEx as a requirement.)  If you want us to use USPS Priority for your order, because it may be a lower cost for your area, please contact us at our toll free number.  We will be able to give you that option for small quantity orders for certain products, but be advised some products and quantities do require FedEx.  For available orders placed by phone, we can run a comparison shipping option, so you receive the lowest shipping cost available between UPS & USPS Priority.  USPS Priority can only be used with your approval, because it is not a guaranteed option.  USPS Priority shipping is also available for readily available sets in our SSP Flags Inc eBay Store.  For more information on shipping options OR if you feel your order is not be calculated correctly, before completing your order online, please contact us toll free:  877-663-6696

Artwork or other materials submitted by you or your client for our use in producing an order will be accepted as being in full compliance with all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, patents, licenses, and other similar types of protection. You and your client agree that, by submitting artwork for our use, these laws will not be violated and this company shall not be held responsible for compliance with such laws.  If you have any questions or comments about the above terms and
agreements, please contact us.